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weed seed adjustability enabled
new holland seed terminator

Doors closed for high kill
Target harder-to-kill weed species with closed doors.

new holland seed terminator

Doors open for chaff spreading mode
In-cab one touch to open doors to move into chaff spreader mode, reducing power draw and still terminating volunteer grains.

Looking inside the barrel of the Seed Terminator Flexseed terminator flex barrel


Flexible Flails

Abrading weed seeds while allowing foreign materials to safely move through.



Snake Skin 

The unique snake skin covers the internal surface, it is highly aggressive against weed seeds with straw ‘sliding’ over the surface.

Fits to New Holland CR 8.90 9.90 10.90

Build from the ground up for integration with the New Holland CR combine harvesters, join owners making the most of every pass with non- chemical weed control at harvest. Featuring the latest Seed Terminator design with weed seed adjustability built in and full integration with the New Holland Optispread system.

Yes the Seed Terminator is CTF compatible and can run on 3m centres with most tyre packages.

The Seed Terminator includes

  • Latest compact technology
  • Weed seed targeting Snake Skin
  • Dynamic Straw Streamliner
  • In-cab monitoring system
  • One touch bypass mode*
  • Simple high end driveline with minimal installation
  • New Holland Optispread intergration

*model dependent

New Holland wanted harvest weed seed control fitted at factory for the future generations.

Local manufacturing of Seed Terminator Flex - the second iteration of the platform developed for New Holland - will begin at the company’s Lonsdale facility in January 2024. They will then be shipped to New Holland’s factory in Belgium, where they will be fitted to harvesters as they're being built on the assembly line.

Demonstrator series en route for harvest 2025.

Limited numbers of Retrofit Seed Terminator 2 are available, speak with our team to find out more information. 

There are minimal modifications required to fit the Seed Terminator Flex.

For New Holland we recommend the fitment of the Dynamic Straw Streamliner (DSS) to ensure full separation of straw. 

06     Warranty

​The Seed Terminator comes with our 12 month driveline warranty and a 12 month warranty period covering all components other than wear items so there's nothing holding you back. From the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) the Seed Terminator is looked at as an attachment and the warranty will not be affected by the installation of the Seed Terminator.

Richard Webb of Daybreak Cropping, Esperance Western Australia

Chat to an existing Seed Terminator farmer

Ever wondered how a Seed Terminator works in real life? Chat with a local farmer and get the inside scoop directly from the source.

murray junk seed terminator

Murray Junk, Western Australia

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