Our Vision


We exist to empower farmers with technology that can help them efficiently feed the world and leave their farm to the next generation in a better state than they found it.

Our Mission 

80% of the worlds weeds exit the combine harvester

Let's stop the spread by getting the best technology to as many farmers as possible, as quickly as possible and as economically as possible.

Our Vision 

Seed emission control is standard on all new combines

2025 we aim to be a tick box option for farmers purchasing their new combine.

By 2030 weed emissions control will be standard on all combines. 

Our Values

Unquenchable ingenuity, radical ambition,  genuine sustainability

We're grounded in Agriculture, environmentally minded and love solving problems.

weeds cost the australian grain industry over 3 billion dollars annually

Weeds cost the Australian grain industry over $3 billion annually

The Problem 

Weeds & Food Security

Chemical control is a quick fix to an ongoing fight that we can’t spray our way out of.

The weeds that are present at harvest time are the fittest of the year, having survived precise chemistry applications and alternative management strategies. In typical cropping operations, 80% of these weed seeds are collected and spread across the paddock by 

the combine harvester, effectively planting next year’s weed problem. This practice rescinds in-crop spraying efforts and contributes to the development of herbicide resistance.


Tonnes of crop losses due to weeds (per year)


Chemical & alternative management costs (per year)


Weed species identified
as resistant to 165 herbicides

Heap, I (www.weedscience.org) 2016
Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) 2016


The Solution 

Harvest Weed Seed Control

The Seed Terminator intercepts weed seeds collected by the combine harvester, pulverising the chaff component at harvest. This prevents the season’s strongest weeds from germinating the following year, nipping herbicide resistance in the bud.


Australian made components

Integrating mechanical control at harvest breaks the weed cycle, ensuring in-crop efforts aren’t in vain and preserving the sustainability of herbicides for as long as we need them.

 Tough on Ryegrass

Annual ryegrass (Lolium Rigidum) has been a major focus for testing due to it’s prevalence and toughness. Ongoing university trials in Australia and overseas show the Seed Terminator is capable of killing up to 99 percent of ryegrass seeds collected by the harvester.

Restorative on the Land

Harvest Weed Seed Control leaves the land in better shape after every harvest, incrementally reducing weed burdens and chemical residues. This leads to improved moisture and nutrient levels in the soil, which unlocks planting opportunities and increases yields.


Our Impact Australian AgTech, Global Footprint

With capabilities in research, engineering and manufacturing, Seed Terminator’s impact spans agriculture, economy, society and the environment.

One Environment & Science

We test rigorously and independently, and evolve with environmental changes to create robust farming ecosystems. Integrating non-chemical weed management on farms strengthens biosecurity and reduces emissions, reconciling agricultural success with positive environmental outcomes.


Litres reduction in diesel use


Litres of herbicide spared

127 million killograms CO2 reduction

127 million kilograms CO2 reduction

Two Productivity & Innovation

Our multidisciplinary approach to innovation is unparalleled in the agricultural industry, drawing on connections across the globe in agronomy, academia, research and government. Our technology lowers labour and input costs, repairs soil structure and improves farm productivity.


ATO eligible R&D investment since 2016


Farmgate savings from technology adoption

seed terminator

Three Employment & Skills

We’re not just creating jobs; we’re shaping sustainable careers for the future. By reinforcing manufacturing and ag tech as fundamental pillars for domestic growth, we’re underlining the significance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in today’s economy.

As pioneers in the ag tech sector, we establish ourselves at a vital intersection of forward-thinking industries that paves the way for the jobs of the future.


New local jobs created since 2016


Projected jobs created in Australia by 2028

5.9 million hectares of farmland terminated

5.9 million hectares of farmland terminated

Four Manufacturing & Industry

With an agile and highly scalable manufacturing strategy, Seed Terminator is gearing up for mass global adoption. The leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of mills, the company is a testament to innovative, advanced manufacturing, embodying growth by design. This success is built on innovative breakthroughs in manufacturing techniques, advanced materials, and surface coatings.

mark ashenden and dr nick berry

Five Export & Trade

Our 15 year global supply agreement with a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) grants us access to two continents and the opportunity to tap into the remaining 97% share of global wheat production. This isn’t just a local success, but Australian agtech reshaping global farming practices.


Export revenue forecast by 2028


Untapped off-shore wheat crops

map of the world

The Future of Weed Control with Dr Nick Berry

Dr Nick Berry, Seed Terminator 

The Last Call to Save Beer

save beer


The heart and soul of the country is in crisis. A cunning new enemy is presenting the biggest threat to beer since dry July. Super weeds are invading barley crops far and wide and herbicide giants can’t keep up. Mounting chemical resistance. Yield losses. Decline in cheer and merriment. Mass cultural extinction. The race against time to save an icon of the backyard barbecue is on, and it’s a fight we can’t spray our way out of. We demand more power to the people, less reliance on chemicals and stocked fridges in every home.

Visit Save Beer website to find out more

save beer