Mark Adams of Yaralla joins us from spectacular Woogennellup

19 November 2023 by
Seed Terminator, Kelly Ingram

[July 2023]

Mark runs through his family operation, targeting his ryegrass with multiple strategies including Seed Terminator's attached to both of his Case IH combines. Mark joined Nick in 2014 with the original prototype UniSA PhD machine, adding a Seed Terminator to his operation in 2017 and then trading the 2012 prototype out for a new Terminator in 2021. Funnily enough, the unit is still going strong over a decade later. Nick shares "Thank you so much for your support over the years Mark. It's been a hell of a journey, and none of it would have happened without you guys sticking your neck out in the early days. Best of luck for the season!" This film was created by Matt & Honni of Ascend Films; we'd like to give a big thanks to Mark Adams and his family, with a special thanks to his dealer group Farmers Centre 1978.

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